Life is a Balancing Act

If you believe in anything, you will know that anything starts from the bottom up.

Tinga has a very altruistic disposition and his humility is his strength. He is a

very  positive and motivated person. He was born in Nairobi Kenya in November 1972.

Son of Kinikonda Aoko and Daniel Okubasu, he grew up mostly in Busia and Kakamega,

which is in Western part of Kenya. He grew up in a religious and farming household.

Community was big where Tinga grew up, more so because people were not  affluent.

Tinga understands that when people come together, they can do great things.

Tinga is married to Kyra with two boys Lucien 14 and Cameron 21.

His  love of life is evident in his jovial demour. Tinga lives in Edinburgh, a beatiful city

in Scotland.