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Here is what clients say about Tinga

Niall McCallum

Recommendation for Tinga:

Tinga has made a massive difference to my fitness, nutrition and health in general.

I cannot recommend Tinga enough – the PT sessions re hard work, but so rewarding and enjoyable.


Sadagopan Srinivasan

Recommended Tinga as a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active:

I learned more from Vitalis during my training with him. The phases of training

were well thought of and helped me regain my fitness.

The knowledge he has is immense and I was fortunate to get to learn from him.”

Service category: Personal Training

Year first hired: 2011(hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expect, Good Value


Richard Finlay

I chose Tinga to be my Personal Trainer after several occasions where he had proactively

corrected my posture on an exercise. I also appreciated his positivity and incredible friendliness

towards all gym members.

He approached me and offered me the chance to try Personal Training, something

I’d only ever associated with fitness-obsessed people! However, upon understanding

the benefits of having a tailored regime that could be continually adapted,

I decided to try a 3 month stint.

I continued for an additional 18 months and learned a great deal regarding which exercises

targeted specific muscle groups, which plans worked best for me, the correct posture in

all exercises and the significance of diet/nutrition when training regularly.

I now understand a great deal about which exercises give me the results and how to

exercise where the obvious equipment is not readily available, extremely useful

when travelling on business, at home or on holiday. Understanding posture was also

incredibly important as I used to suffer a great deal with lower back pain,

but this has since stopped.

My biggest achievement was moving from leisurely runs to completing a 10K obstacle course,

followed shortly by a half marathon.

Tinga always pushed me hard, which is what you need from a trainer and constantly provided

regular spoken or email guidance on how to improve my overall health.

I’m now very aware of my fitness and the importance of training all areas of the body.

I feel more energised, positive and motivated to achieve unexpected merits of personal training.

I truly appreciate what Tinga has taught me and must now take

personal responsibility to build on everything I have achieved so far.




Frazer McGlinchey

Pt recommendation

I have been training weekly or so with Tinga for some time.

Despite training regularly prior I was likely stuck in a rut.

Thanks to Tinga I now feel that I am achieving much improved results

and enjoying my gym time more than ever.

Tinga’s enthusiasm is infectious; more important though is the knowledge and expertise

he brings to sessions, making them varied and challenging.

He explains technique to ensure safe and healthy training,

meaning his expertise can suit anyone from beginners to hardened gym addicts

keen to refresh their workouts.

The lessons and advice from his sessions are also easily and effectively

translated to normal training sessions, increasing their value enormously.

For a fresh take on your time in the gym with real results for your health and wellbeing,

try a session for a great mix of information and inspiration.

Frazer McGlinchey

Director 3rdparty


Daniel Campbell

Bright Purple Resourcing

Whether you are seeking personal core, fitness or strength training, weight management

and dietary advice Vitalis is an expert. He is a personal trainer and consultant

who engages with clients and motivates you to achieve your goals,

your goal is his goal.

Vitalis will push you to your own abilities but at the same time make fun and an enjoyable

rewarding experience.

Highly recommended.


Andrew Holehouse

Partner at Shepherd and Wedderburn

Extremely motivating and very knowledgeable, makes it all a pleasure.


Here is What Tinga Partners Say


Neesha Velani

Neesha Velani recommended Tinga for his work as a Trainer at Holiday Inn.

“Vitalis had been a team-player, quick learner. Showed enthusiasm for fitness. Motivating Trainer.”

Alex Shepherd

I have known Tinga for 3 years.  During that time I have been his line-manager

and regional manager.

Tinga is one of the most committed individuals I have ever met. 

He shows great enthusiasm to every part of his work as a Personal Trainer

and is very popular amongst his teammates and managers. 

Tinga is a key member of a very successful club and inspires others around him

with positive thoughts and by displaying passion for his work. 

As a PT he built a very successful business in a relatively short space of time. 

He maintains this by providing excellent customer service. 

His dedication to his clients achieves life-changing results. 

As a result Tinga was regularly one of the top delivering PT’s within Virgin Active.

Whilst he would be missed at the Edinburgh club I would have no hesitation

in recommending Tinga for any position as I know he will be successful

in anything he chooses to do.


Alex Shepherd

Regional Fitness Specialist – Virgin Active